Myrtle 2 Malibu Treasures Back Brace

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If you have a labor intensive job, perform any sort of physical activity, or are on your quest to becoming a buff and swole alien, you can benefit from a high quality back brace. A comfortable brace that is adjustable, sturdy and keeps your back warm can be very beneficial. This back brace provides stability and support to your spine. It may help ease back pain and relieve muscle spasms. It will help you keep a better posture while lifting heavy objects. This brace is lightweight, soft, and comfortable so you'll love wearing it to work or to the gym. It will complement your, or your loved one's therapeutic routine. The velcro is strong and durable. The deluxe neoprene material will allow your skin to breath while keeping your muscles warm. The retained heat will be soothing to those tight and tired muscles. This brace has heavy duty, criss-crossed elastic straps that you pull, and then secure to get a comfortable fit. It is simple and easy to use. Enjoy using it while you make money at work or play volleyball on the beach. Get one for your active kids. Treat yourself to one, or get one for your lovely spouse. Your back will Love it. Support Your Back and It Will Support You! Sizing: Please measure the circumference of your belly starting at your belly button for correct fit. Small 28-35" (70-90cm) Medium 32-39" (80-100cm) Large 35-43" (90-110cm) X-Large 40-47" (100-120cm) XX-Large 43-51 (110-130cm) XXX-Large 47-55 (120-140cm) XXXX-Large 51-59 (130-150cm) XXXXX-Large 53-63 (140-160cm)